Check this ultimate list of Oci Cats Breeders in the USA & Canada

Cranberry Coast Cats
Sandra Watson
Member Since: September 2006
Grayland, WA

  • Tel: (253) 905-4902
  • Email: cccattery@reachone.com
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    Kittens Available
  • We are a small breeder on the Washington Coast. We currently breed Ocicats,savannahs and cheetohs We only have 1 or 2 litters of Ocicats each year. Mostly fawn,fawn silver, and chocolate silver. Occasionally I have a retired breeder to place in their forever homes. Our kittens are raised in our semi-truck traveling all over the US so they are used to lots of TLC as well as different climates-lots of noises-different people. They are very well rounded companions.

Member Since: January 2010

  • Tel: 37460
  • Email: rocmanoir@free.fr
  • small cattery in center of France our Ocicats are raised at home. kittens sometimes available

HotSpots Cattery
Kelli and Erica Perras
Member Since: November 2006
La Mesa, New Mexico

  • Tel: (575) 496-0054
    Tel: (575) 312-3647
  • Email: tengu650@yahoo.com

Kezkatz Cattery
Jerry Smith
Member Since: September 2011
Keota, Oklahoma

  • Tel: (918) 966-3404
  • Email: kezkatz@cox.net
  • We are a small cattery located at foothill of the world tallest hill, Cavanal in beautiful East Oklahoma. We Specialize in raising exotic looking spotted cats, Savannahs, Ocicats and Egyptian Maus. We are member of TICA and CFA. Please visit our web site.

Miracinonyx Ocicats
Bevin Anderson
Member Since: August 2007
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • Tel: (519) 822-5381
  • Email: spottedcats@miracinonyx.com
  • Kittens Available
  • My name is Bevin Anderson and I represent my family and our cattery with a rich history in raising quality pets for our own enjoyment. We use that personal experience and education to bring you quality cats for your lifelong companionship and enjoyment. I am a Veterinary Technician with a broad skill base and experience behind me, working professionally with multiple species of animals for over a decade. I have designed our cattery in the best interests of our cats health, welfare and daily enrichment. Our Cattery is registered under the CFA/TICA, and our Queens, Studs, and kittens are registered by CFA/TICA depending on breed. We spend many hours daily with our cats socializing them not just because we should, but moreover because they are loved and enjoyed members of our family. They are raised with daily exposure to children and our dogs to maintain their well rounded and accepting personalities.

Spotted Kittens
Member Since: March 2004
New York

  • Tel: (716) 407-0913
  • Email: savannahcatz@adelphia.net
  • Breeder of the Savannah Cat, Bengal Cat, Ocicat, and Egyptian Mau Cats and Kittens.

Wind Haven Exotics
Carol Drymon
Member Since: May 2005
Vernon, Arizona

  • Tel: (928) 532-7300
  • Email: windhavenexotics@frontiernet.net
  • Wind Haven Exotics is one of the longest lived Ocicat catteries in the United States having started in 1986. Although we have never felt the need to show our cats, we are one of the largest Ocicat breeders. Wind Haven Is not a kitten mill and we treat all of our feline friends as our family. There are no cages here – everyone has a room or an apartment and there are indoor/outdoor cat-a-tats for all. Our primary goal is to breed beautifully spotted, extremely healthy and social kittens as feline companions for any size family and we have hundreds of references from all over the world to prove we do just that. All of our kittens are sold with a 100% written health and personality guarantee – one of the best in the business today. In addition, all kittens come with a lifetime service plan where the buyer can contact Wind Haven at any time and we will be there to help in any way we can – no matter what – no strings attached. Wind Haven Exotics typically has kittens year around and we do ship world-wide. For further information regarding available kittens or upcoming litters, please contact us at 928-532-7300.